This weekly series provides brief summaries to help you stay in the know on how 340B cases are developing across the country. Each week we comb through the dockets on more than 40 340B cases to provide you with a quick summary of relevant updates from the prior week in this industry-shaping body of litigation.

  • Issues at Stake in Developments Last Week: Medicare Payment; HRSA Audit Process
  • Where Things Stand:
    • A Confidentiality Order issued in one case, ordering that certain administrative record and discovery material may be treated as confidential and setting forth the terms and procedure for designating such documents as confidential.
    • Five cases will remain stayed pending a decision in AHA v. Becerra on remedies for the now-vacated 340B Medicare payment cuts. The Court also ordered that the parties in these cases file a Joint Status Report on or before April 10, 2023.
    • Parties in three cases filed a Joint Status Report in their respective courts, requesting that their cases remain stayed pending a remedies decision in AHA v. Becerra.

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