With continued growth in healthcare global investing, what role do European markets play in global and US fund portfolios and to what extent do investments benefit from a transatlantic portfolio? Sharon Lamb, Partner at McDermott, was joined by Marco Bonaiti, Vice President at Apax Partners; Tony Drabble, Partner at EY-Parthenon; Henry Elphick, Deputy Chair of the European Healthcare Private Equity Association (EHCPEA); Rohin Jain, Managing Director of H.I.G. Capital, and Dr. Stephan Rau, Partner at McDermott, to discuss the wide range of opportunities, benefits, similarities and differences in dealmaking in competitive global markets.

Below are the top takeaways for McDermott and EY at the 2022 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference: European Healthcare Private Equity Forum

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Healthcare proved once again to be a resilient and innovative asset during the pandemic. Multiple new buyers are emerging, and they are making significant investments and large transactions across all sectors. The year ahead promises to be an active one with no signs of slowing down.

Beyond the fact that the healthcare market in Europe is roughly a $2 trillion market, there are advantages to having a global portfolio. One of the big attractions of the European market is that it’s not just one market. Across countries and regions, the systems and stages of development are different; [...]

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