COVID-19 led to major policy changes impacting how healthcare is delivered and reimbursed but only some of these new policies will endure in coming years. On this episode of the After the Curve Podcast, we discuss how the regulatory landscape and enforcement priorities may shift in both the short and long term as we transition to the post-COVID-19 era. McDermott’s Chief Marketing Officer Leslie Tullio is joined by Monica Wallace and Emily Jane Cook to discuss topics surrounding pandemic-induced regulatory and enforcement changes, including:

  • A definition of “robust” enforcement activity and how internal compliance teams can prepare to navigate that environment
  • Steps to take when preparing for audits in order to avoid enforcement actions
  • The importance of proper documentation in a rapidly changing environment
  • Current enforcement actions and government inquiries around the country and how to respond to them
  • Anticipated lessons learned from this pandemic and their impact on an organizational level


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