In this session, panelists provided an in-depth look at focus and sub-focus areas within the behavioral health industry. Our panel also discussed supply and demand imbalances, merger and acquisition (M&A) transaction considerations, reimbursement trends, digital and telehealth services, and other issues companies within the behavioral health market should consider.

Session panelists included:

  • Gaurav Bhattacharyya, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Geode Health
  • L.A. Galyon IV, Managing Partner, Brentwood Capital Advisors
  • J.R. Green, Chief Executive Officer, Psychiatric Medical Care
  • Rita Ratner, Managing Director, Farragut Square Group
  • Jake Stark, Vice President, WindRose Health Investors
  • Moderator: Marshall Jackson, Partner, McDermott Will & Emery

Top takeaways included:

  • Supply and demand imbalances have been exacerbated, as there is an increase in mental disorders and care models are trying to meet the needs.
  • The industry is seeing an increase in integration of mental and physical health.
  • Companies have been focusing on preventive outpatient care to help reconcile staffing imbalances, as well as using a mix of psychiatrists and various mid-level providers.
  • Clinical reputation and clinical alignments are two major factors investors examine when evaluating practices to acquire.
  • Payors are expanding reimbursement for various behavioral health services; however, behavioral health is not ready for value-based care—a key issue being the difficult-to-measure outcomes across behavioral health services.
  • Digital health is a key focus area in behavioral health; however, the effectiveness of digital health tools is predicated on the types of services being provided and the adoption of these tools by patients, consumers and providers. Many behavioral [...]

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