Exploring Critical Business and Legal Issues across the Healthcare and Life Sciences Industries
Exploring Critical Business and Legal Issues across the Healthcare and Life Sciences Industries

5 Questions with a Health Policy Specialist: Deborah Godes

By on November 18, 2021
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Deborah Godes
Focus Area: Market Access Strategies
Office: Washington, D.C.
Years at McDermott+Consulting: 8

What is your favorite part about your health policy work at McDermott+Consulting?
For me, I love the people with whom I work. It may sound a bit cliché but the people on the Market Access team at McDermottPlus each contribute in a critical way, whether it is their wealth of knowledge from their decades of experience, their analytical approach to challenges and their expertise with critical data sets, or their fresh perspective to an ongoing challenge. While we may have different roles and responsibilities in the development or execution of the strategy, we are always working together as one with the client to achieve the optimal outcome.

What is the biggest opportunity and greatest challenge facing clients in your area of focus today?
I work with clients that are bringing innovative solutions to the market whether diagnostic tests, medical devices or healthcare services, a number of which are artificial intelligence-based solutions. The biggest opportunity and the greatest challenge for our clients is the level of uncertainty from a reimbursement perspective. Some clients are introducing new concepts that the Administration has not considered previously which creates opportunities for these companies to set new precedent. However, the novelty creates challenges because the Administration may not have historically viewed medical devices or diagnostic tests in that way so it requires a change in the Administration’s thinking, which takes time and significant effort.

What kind of client work gets you most excited when it comes across your desk?
I am incredibly passionate about ensuring that patients have access to the latest innovative solutions for whatever injury or illness that they are battling. What inspires me is hearing about these technologies and their capabilities and working with clients to see how we can work to get coverage and adequate payment within the current construct of our healthcare system. However, sometimes, these technologies do not fit within the norms and it may seem like you’re fitting a square peg in a round hole. Those situations are incredibly difficult so in those cases, it requires taking time with the client and leveraging not only my knowledge and expertise but that of my incredibly talented and experienced colleagues to see if we can look at this challenge from a new perspective and find a new way to think about it that may be well received by the Administration.

What is the proudest moment of your career to date?
For me, there is no singular moment. I am most proud when our clients get the “wins.” Many times, our clients come to us when they are facing a significant uphill battle for knowledge and experience to help navigate the complex and, at times, confusing regulatory and reimbursement environment. We work with them to develop a strong understanding of their product or service and set out a clear strategy where there is the highest likelihood of success (however the client defines that term). What is most rewarding is to be there at the “end” when the positive news, positive decision or position regulation is released and hearing the pure joy in our clients’ voices when we share the outcome.

What is an interesting fact about yourself that others may not know?
I have been an avid baker for many years, focusing on baking delicious treats for people with food allergies, sensitivities and/or intolerances. On the weekends, I spend hours in the kitchen baking existing desserts or testing out new ones to expand my options. What I love about baking is that it requires precision in measurements but also gives room for creativity whether in the flavors or the ways to present the desserts. The focus that I have during the week while working with and for our clients is the same type of focus that I bring to my baking.

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